Things On My Mind!

I should have titled this ‘my unpopular options….’

  1. I don’t know much about immigration law, but I think that if you come to this county and do illegal things, you should go back to your own country. Regardless of whether you have a family here or not. Yes, I support separating kids from their criminal parents. Now I’m not taking about speeding, or anything like that I’m talking, murder, rape, domestic violence, type crimes. Also I don’t think we should as tax payers pay for illegal immigrants to go to college. If you wanna become a legal citizen then you can have FAFSA and the same financial aid and scholarships that other citizens qualify for. I understand that I am under educated on the issue but this is the things I think.
  2. I feel that a baby is a baby the second the sperm fertilizes that egg. You don’t have to keep the baby you didn’t plan for, but ending it’s life is not an option. There is adoption, think of all the loving family that can’t have kids. Yes, there is too many kids in foster care as it is, but if that’s your concern then it should have been your concern before you had sex. Just my opinion.
  3. If you are raped and that rape conceives a baby, you have an obligation to that baby to house it till it can survive in the world. No you where not given a choice in having that baby but why take that choice away from the baby too? Ending a life is not the answer. Yes, it would be easier too end its life. But you are just taking the horrible thing that happened and making it worse. After all yes the baby is half the man or woman who raped you but it’s also half you. Give them the option to live any become a decent person. They are not the person who took the choice away from you.
  4. Divorce. I don’t believe in it. I believe you get one chance to find someone and marry them and once you have made that choice you are to stay married to them till death do you part. Oh, but Kyra what if they are abusing you or your kids? Then get away! Get safe! But you made a commitment to love them and help them in sickness and in health. They are clearly sick in the head and need help. You have a responsibility to help them, from a safe place. Even if you can’t get over it. They cheated and you can’t forgive them, you don’t go out and end the marriage. You stay married and maybe separate for a while. Maybe even forever, but you don’t get to go choose someone else. Thats not how a commitment works. Also, when you married them you actually agreed to love them no matter what. That includes cheating. You have to work it out. You can’t quit and start over.
  5. Santa is real. He is a spirit of love, giving, kindness, and acceptance. I believe in the mythical creature that he is. You encourage the belief in Santa till they start to question it. Then you sit them down and welcome them to the joy of being Santa and keeping the sprit alone for the children around you. I believe in the impossible. I always have. So I believed in Santa till I was 19. Then I asked my Dad if there was a Santa and he conformed that Santa was not a man, but a sprit of love and hope. Therefore, I choose to believe in Santa.
  6. I think its sin to have sex before marriage. The line is crossed as soon as you go to second base. That’s right, for me and the next man I date, we will only kiss till we be  married. Now, I’m not planning on only kissing like your grandmother is watching till marriage, I’m saying no clothing will be removed, no hands will be placed anywhere you can’t place them in a church. Be passionate, just not physically. Till you are married.
  7. I don’t believe in dating for the sake of dating. I believe in dating like you are intending to marry them, you are essentially testing out being a team before you seal the deal. If you are not intending to marry them and don’t even wanna think about marriage you are too young to date. So to the next man that decides to pursue me, I will only date you if I think we have a potential to be one, before God and our families. I almost wanna have him meat my parents before we start dating. I decently wanna pray about it first. Have I screwed up these rules myself, yes. Will I make the same mistake twice? No.
  8. Some kid with ADHD or ADD need Ritalin to thrive. Wanting to take the medication as prescribed, needing to take the medication as prescribed is not a weakness. After all you’re dependent to the chemicals your brain is making to make you not ADD, why am I not allowed to be dependent to the meds that make my brain work like yours. This goes for adults too. I’m dependent on the anxiety meds I take, why should I be “working to get off them” or “not getting dependent on them” when you are dependent and still using the chemicals your brain makes naturally. Everyone that is telling me to get off my meds, that see’s it as a weakness or problem, is missing the point. They are a solution. They are helping me be my best self. Why is that wrong? Therefore I will continue to take my meds as prescribed. After all it’s the same as a diabetic, they can’t “get off meds” or “not be so dependent on them.” My condition is the same way.

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