My 2018 Bucket List

  1. See a broadway play on broadway
  2. Touch the Atlantic Ocean
  3. Provide Christmas to a family
  4. Leave the continental U.S.
  5. Kiss my Future Husband, on all seven continents
  6. Finish Law School
  7. Pass the Bar
  8. Have a doctorate Degree
  9. See Mt. Rushmore
  10. Pull a fire alarm
  11. See the pyramids in Egypt
  12. Have my Dad walk me down the isle
  13. Adopt a baby
  14. Publish a book that I wrote
  15. Vote in presidential election
  16. Touch a giraffe
  17. Jump off a waterfall
  18. Build a sand castle in Hawaii
  19. Read entire HP series
  20. Read Bible, cover to cover
  21. Carve my inishials in a tree with my husband
  22. Give more than 10,000 dollars as offering, not tithe
  23. Graduate high school
  24. Be an organ donor 
  25. Finish my major
  26. Hit a tv in with a baseball bat
    1. IMG_0939
  27. Learn an instrument
    1. iPhone dfgsdfg 100
  28. Get a toms tan
    1. IMG_1048
  29. Have my own apartment
    1. IMG_5108
  30. See Time Square
    1. 2786
  31. Donate blood
    1. IMG_5326

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